Never leave your house without making the Sign of the Cross. It will be to you a staff, a weapon, an impregnable fortress. Neither man nor demon will dare to attack you, seeing you covered with such powerful armor. Let this sign teach you yourself that you are a soldier, ready to combat against the demons, and ready to fight for the crown of justice. Are you ignorant of what the Cross has done? It has vanquished death, destroyed sin, emptied Hell, dethroned Satan, and resurrected the universe; will you then doubt its power?
St. John Chrysostom (via traditionwithoutcompromise)

Contraception Leads to Abortion

For most of my teen years and early twenties, I openly opposed abortion. When I was occasionally asked if I opposed contraception, too, I always responded like this: “No, I don’t have a problem with contraception, because contraception prevents abortions!” Everyone always agreed with my answer, because it was common sense: Widespread acceptance and use of contraception makes abortion rare.


Well… not exactly.

In my mid-twenties, I was forced to reexamine my ideas on a whole range of life issues. By that point, I was all about conforming my mind and life to the truth, no matter where the truth led me, and no matter how uncomfortable.

What my studies on contraception bore out was indeed humbling, and I had to eat my words. The truth is the opposite of what I had spouted for years. The truth is that, at the macro-level, contraception leads to abortion. Where contraception is widely accepted, abortion follows.

It makes sense if you think about it, because contraception is a contract that says: “We agree to have sex but we do not agree to have a baby. However, the contract (contraception) fails so often that a fail-proof back-up plan is needed, and that fail-proof back-up plan is abortion.*

Let’s look at evidence of how this all plays out in real life.

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